SHELL SHOCKED \ 56:51 min \ USA

SHELL SHOCKED attempts to bridge the gap of this disconnect by hearing the ideas, opinions, and testimonies from activists, community leaders, police, city officials, youth program directors, family and friends of victims, and the children who live in these violent circumstances. We are looking for positive solutions to an extremely negative situation.


Cultural Spirit Award - New Hope Film Festival; Winner - Chicago International Social Change Film Festival

Johnerichie shellshocked

John Richie

John Richie began his film career after graduating in 2003 from the

University of New Orleans. In 2007 he began his own production company,
Scrub Brush Productions, producing many music videos and short narrative
and documentary films. After teaching documentary classes to teenagers
in the New Orleans Public School System, John began work on Shell
Shocked in 2008 releasing it in 2013. Shell Shocked has screened across
several communities across the U.S., won many awards at film festivals,
played on PBS, screened at The NLC’s Annual Congress of Cities and
Expositions in Seattle, and was the only film shown at the Dalai Lama’s
Convention in New Orleans in 2013. John is currently working on 91%, a
film about gun policy in the United States with a focus on background

All from this director.