SHORT DROP \ 28 mins \ Trinidad and Tobago

Bartholomew, a retired civil servant, takes a leisurely drive downtown, where Shanice mistakes his car for a taxi. After much resistance, he agrees to take her to her destination. Along the way, they encounter a wide diversity of Trinidadian characters, from cross-dresser Hott Pepper to gang member Tan Tan. What follows is a long day of reckoning with memories, friendships and revelations.


Best Short Film - Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival; Best Caribbean Short Film - Curacao Film Festival; New York Women In Film Award; Bahamas International Film Festival; Third Horizon Film Festival; Dusty Film Festival; CaribbeanTales International Film Festival; Festival Cine La Habana

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Maya Cozier

Maya Cozier directs music videos, documentaries and short form online content exploring popular and urban culture out of Trinidad and Tobago. Her work has screened and won awards at festivals internationally. She recently won a grant to produce her first feature film 'She Paradise' in 2019. 

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