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Eloise (Hazel Diaz) is a young black woman who is having an affair with the husband of Mandy (Cora Green), who works for a rich white Southern family. Following a fight with Mandy at a club, Eloise moves far away to Manhattan's Harlem neighborhood and tries to start a new life as a singer. Soon, a number of fellow Southerners, including her husband, Lem (Alec Lovejoy), join Eloise in the city, and Mandy also arrives to begin anew, hoping to follow in Eloise's footsteps and become a performer. When Eloise breaks her leg during a drunken fall, Mandy is recruited as the last-minute substitute and becomes a musical star as the revue is transferred to Broadway.

Oscar micheaux

Oscar Micheaux

Oscar Micheaux was a pioneer African-American filmmaker whose movies were a challenge to racial  segregation and an alternative outlet for black moviegoers. He is
thought to have written, produced and directed more than 40 films from
1919 to 1948.

All from this director.