THE BEAST \ 18 mins \ South Africa

An ordinary day at a Zulu cultural village. Shaka, their star performer, expresses his frustrations to his co-workers as he sits on display for tourists. On this day he reaches the end of his tether and his protest takes on Shakespearian proportion.


Special Jury Award and Critics Award - Janela International De Cinema; Special Jury Award - Festival De Sta. Maria De Feira; Cannes Film Festival; Sydney Film Festival; Durban Film Festival; FICUNAM; Hamburg Short Film Festival; HUESCA Short Film Festival; Semana Festival De Cinema

Samantha Nell, Michael Wahrmann

Samantha is a South African writer, director, and producer. She directed shorts such as Stiff (2012), Tortoise (2014) and Love Motel (2015). Michael born in Uruguay, grew up in Israel, and lives in São Paulo. He’s debut short film, Grandmothers (2010) was premiered at the 60˚ Berlinale. Avanti Popolo (2013), his first feature film, won the Best Film Award at the Rome Film Festival; Best Director at FICUNAM, Best Director and Critics Award at Brasilia Film Festival.

All from this director.