THE UNSEEN \ 71 mins \ Namibia

The Unseen is about art, identity and solitude. It presents three interconnected vignettes that follow three different characters as they slip into spaces in Namibian society mostly unseen. There’s Sara the rebel who’s calm resolve to end her life provokes a range of interesting and conflicting reactions in the people close to her. Anu, a dreamy musician, struggles to explain his hallucinations and out of body experiences to his rough-neck buddies across town. Marcus, an African-American actor, estranged from his wife, is in town to play a role in an epic historical film but spends his time wandering through the outback searching for significance. It’s a collection of philosophical musings on what it means to be alive in independent Namibia. It intentionally blurs the line between fiction and documentary.


World Premiere at the Pan African Film Festival, LA; In competition at Durban International Film Festival; Busan; CinemAfrica; Opening night film at the Cambridge African Film Festival; Cannes International Pan African film festival; Luxor African Film Festival; Joburg Film Festival; AFRIFF, Nigeria; New Voices in Black Cinema Film Festival; Winner Best Film at Innsbruck Film Festival; Nominated for 7 Namibian Film Awards; Special screening at the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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Perivi John Katjavivi

Perivi is a Namibian filmmaker and writer. He was born in Oxford, England to an English mother and a Namibian father. He moved to Namibia at the turn of Independence in 1990 and has since spent the majority of his life there. He holds a BA in Cinema, with a major in Directing and a minor in Screenwriting from Columbia College Hollywood. Perivi is the founder and co-owner of Old Location Films. He has written, produced and directed several short films. Together they have travelled to multiple international film festivals including: the Cannes Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, Silicon Valley African Film Festival, Cinema Africano Verona in Italy and others. In 2010 Perivi wrote, produced and directed the short Love is... which won three Namibia Film & Television awards, including Best Actress, Best Cinematography and Best Director for Perivi himself. In 2011 Perivi was selected to accompany a government delegation to Germany to film and produce a documentary on the return of skulls that were taken from Namibia during the colonial period. In 2012 he wrote, produced, shot, directed and edited My Beautiful Nightmare. A short which won an award for Best Actress at the 2012 Namibia Film && Television awards. In 2013 the film went on to win the Radwan El-Kashef Independent Shabab Foundation Award at the Luxor African Film Festival as well as a Certificate of Special Recognition from the US House of Representatives in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community. He holds an MA in African Cinema from the University of Cape Town, and serves as Chairman of the Filmmakers Association of Namibia.

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