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UGLY \ 21 min \ USA

A story of a boy looking for love in the wrong place...his own environment. Doug is a smart outcast teen who desperately wants to fit in. Through his association with Kay - who might become his stepsister - he gains some acceptance from the in-crowd. But he overplays his hand, and ultimately leaves his true self behind.


Best Short presented by BET - Bronzelens Film Festival; Best Short - Urban Mediamakers Film Festival; Best Short Narrative: Baltimore International Black Film Festival; Best Actor in a Short Film (Devon Moyd) - Newark International Film Festival; Best Supporting Actress (Andrea-Rachel Parker) - The Short Film Awards; Top Short - Harlem International Film Festival; Top 5 Finalist - HBO Short Film Competition; Finalist - Black International Film Festival; Cannes Film Festival; American Black Film Festival; Blackstar Film Festival; Martha’s Vineyard AA Film Festival; Afrikana Film Festival; Pan-African Film Festival; Black International Film Festival (UK); Harlem International Film Festival; The Short Film Awards; Newark; International Film Festival; Golden Door Film Festival; Rahway Film Festival; Baltimore International Film Festival; Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival; Urban Mediamakers Film Festival; Reel Sisters of Diaspora; Teaneck International Film Festival; Go Independent Film Festiva

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LeRon Lee

LeRon Lee is a Newark, NJ native and graduate of Howard University. His early film career began assisting in the editing room at 40 Acres and a Mule. Since then, he has worked as crew on various films, directed short films, music videos, and commercials. Recently, his short film, Ugly, was acquired by HBO and all of its platforms. He has won 6 “Best Short Film” awards including the “BET Best Short Film Award”. It was also featured in over 40 film festivals, including a premiere at Cannes Film Festival and the HBO Short Film Competition as a finalist. He is currently in development of the NEWART Film School in Newark catered to exploring filmmaking as a tool for youth, underserved communities, and individuals transitioning from prison. His next project in development is a film-doc hybrid, Unconscious Inheritance, a project exploring the intergenerational inheritance of a city.

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