In Part 1, Onuora Abuah travels to his boyhood home of Benin (West Africa) to learn the history of the 17th century Danhomé (Dahomey) kingdom which ruled the region. His journey begins in the water town of Ganvie, before heading north to Abomey, the kingdom's capital. Onuora then drives south to Port Novo before concluding his trip in Ouidah. In Part 2, Onuora Abuah travels to Togo (West Africa) to learn more about the Vodun spiritual system and how Europeans have turned it into a thing of evil. His journey begins at Kamina and Wahala where WW1's first casualties are found. Onuora then heads south to the enslavement house at Agbodrafo before meeting a Vodun priest near Lomé.