Reckless Enlightenment, formerly “Choke On That,” was rebranded in light of the various uprisings of 2020 and to also better reflect our satirical take on the current social climate. It attempts to unify through laughter. Reckless Enlightenment is an uncensored, uncut, and edgy sketch comedy series that is much more than just a culmination of random sketches. The series details the lives of an unorthodox film crew in a “30 Rock' style parody. Among the colorful characters are Jay Davis, a foul mouth, asshole, who is the writer, producer, and star of the show; Donte Diesel, the stressed out, under-appreciated, volatile, co-producer/director/cinematographer; Black Jack Johnson, an insubordinate, unpredictable stuntman. Jennifer Lenius, the manic depressive, hot-head headed, violent actress and Jato, the semi-competent, socially awkward actor. See what happens when Jay tries to bring his thought-provoking and brilliantly funny ideas to life on a shoestring budget, and with a dysfunctional, yet talented, Chicago based cast & crew. Viewer Discretion: Mature Language and Scenes