Chain Music: The Movie presents a 1981 version of Willie Lynch, in the midst of a business meeting between politicians, music executives, and entrepreneurs. With Mr. Lynch as their leader the group devises a plan to use Hip Hop music as a tool to generate revenue and oppression. The group uses the pillars of psychological slavery explained in the 1713 version of the Willie Lynch Letter to control Hip Hop artist and their loyal fans. Through their plan rappers are encouraged to push corrupt messages onto their listeners and in turn the listeners begin to embody the destructive behavior the rappers promote. By glorifying criminal behavior over education, distrust between men and women, irresponsible financial decisions, and a variety of other issues, rappers help to preach the record label’s rhetoric, just as the original Willie Lynch had the slaves preach the slave master’s rhetoric. Through a series of thought provoking scenes and poetic lyrics supplied by underground hip-hop artist Chain Music: The Movie questions the direction of mainstream Hip Hop seems to be headed and its effect on the current Hip Hop community. FESTIVALS/AWARDS Best Graduate Fiction Short Film; Visions Awards Winner, Hair In The Gate Screening - Life's Checklist, Parallel Film Collective, Winner, Urban Mediamakers Film Festival; Official Selection, Orlando Urban Film & Music Festival