Doo Doo’s Revenge compels us to ask the questions: at what age did I have learn to swallow my hurt? Would I do what Doo Doo did? Sev DeMy, an independent filmmaker living in Los Angeles, devotes most of his time to the multiple arts of storytelling, music production, and music video-making while working formally in the TV production industry.  His debut film – which he wrote, directed, and edited – is a narrative short about a day in the existence of an 11 year old boy, Dudley, a.k.a. Doo Doo.  Aptly titled, Doo Doo’s Revenge, we watch events unfold and constantly test Dudley’s determination to be a good little man. It is a coming of age treatise in which the drama and the comedy of the universe force Dudley to grow in ways he could not have predicted when he woke up that morning.  The entire film is told from his perspective and we are invited into his unfair world to witness how he takes adult matters such as, parental neglect and domestic abuse, into his own hands.