GALSEN is the way in which Senegalese young people designate their country in slang but, for the protagonist of this story, the musician Sergio Aparicio (OKOBE aka Creisy Lyon), is his goal and, at the same time, his point of departure. GALSEN is, something like that, a stop on the path that leads to the lack of perennial certainties that is the identity for an African-descendant. Aparicio seeks to travel to Africa and to its interior, reflects on concepts that seem to be sealed and that, however, are as liquid as the sea that unites us and separates us. Race, prejudice, spirituality, belonging, culture ... are part of an impressive audiovisual and musical soliloquy. Because yes, music is as protagonist as the traveler who uses this channel to connect with the people he meets, to reach them, to merge with them and to forget all the concepts recently addressed. A film recorded to bridge between Senegal, Gambia, Barcelona and New York.