Whether the links are formed through blood, marriage, or circumstances, we all have chains that shape our outlook. They determine whether we believe the world to be full of possibility or completely inhospitable. Sometimes the relationships that should be our greatest source of strength can form chains that hold us down.Ari Squires has come together for the second documentary series with 10 powerhouse business professionals who have released their chains. Tired of standing back, they now proudly stand in front of their stories that made them who they are. Each one has shamelessly peeled back the layers of pain, fear, shame, anxiety that grew from addictions, abusive relationships, and suicidal thoughts.These 10 powerful stories, and solution-based interviews of awakening and standing up for personal change will empower you to break free of mental, emotional and generational chains so that you can create a new, bigger, bolder, better story. You'll find guidance, resources, and tools to release yourself. Join the movement and get on the path to becoming unapologetically free.