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As Civil Rights activists, Maureen and her husband, Kenneth, were no strangers to racial injustices and traumatic experiences during their fight for equal rights. To cope with what they encountered, Maureen spends her time in her favorite place of peace, the riverbank. It is here that Maureen bonds with her granddaughter Tyna, sharing stories about her past. Now 20 years old, Tyna has become a freedom fighter in her own right, tackling inequalities and discrimination occurring on her college campus. When Tyna decides to take her activism outside the proposed safe boundaries of school, Maureen fears for her granddaughter’s safety, and ultimately her sanity.** Shayla Racquel is back with another project: a horror-comedy series pilot titled, Robyn Hood, which follows a mystique woman who steals hoodies from simps to give in to her lure of trapping their souls. The project is currently in pre-production and looking for support. Link to crowdfunding campaign: **