The true life of Dainhen Butler, who survived 10 years (1996-2006), in Georgia's violent Lee Arrendale State prison, formerly known as Alto. The story is a journey that begins with the upbringing of Butler by his mother and father both whom were business owners. Butler describes things he enjoyed doing as a child, such as basketball and the debate team. However, his desire to drape himself in name brand clothing sparked the engagement of petty thievery such as popping lockers to steal valuables of fellow classmates, which gradually evolved to armed robberies. As leader of a criminal enterprise, Butler commanded his companions to rob stores. Initially, the ventures were lucrative; however, things heat up when he orders his affiliates to intrude a store for the second time that was under police surveillance. During his time in prison, Butler changed his life around and is now a role model for his community. Today Butler runs and manages several businesses and has published a book. This is a story of second chances.