What does gentrification look like in Brixton, London, a traditionally Afro-Caribbean section of the city? Filmmaker Damien Swaby explores it in his documentary, The People of Brixton. Filmmaker Swaby: 'Apparently Brixton is now the go-to place for those who want to pretend their gap-yah never ended. The area is becoming an attractive inner London dormitory for London’s young professionals. More long-standing residents feel like its segregated by class which makes Brixton separate and unequal. For many long-standing residents what they seek when they have an unstable life is stability. The constant novelty and change, and the pace and way in which it has taken place in the neighbourhood has not brought the community along with them in the eyes of some. This new cadence to life in Brixton panders to a new influx who seek it as a counterpoise to their stable white collar world, it is not being done in a way that feels expansive, inclusive or ambitious for all. I hadn't visited Brixton for twenty years and after all I read about the changes in the area I thought I would make a documentary about The People of Brixton.' FESTIVAL The Soul Film Festival