The Village of Peace explores a community of African-Americans from Chicago, who in 1967 began a two-year migration to Dimona, Israel. The founders of the Village recount their epic journey from the backdrop of oppression and upheaval in Chicago, through the unfamiliar terrain of Liberia, to what they now call home in the Negev Desert. Approximately 300 people made the original migration; today, over 3,000 African-Hebrew Israelites live in Israel.  The stories of four villagers are woven together to portray a community unlike any other, inspired by ancient scripture, and a determination to live life in its purest form. Their unique culture evolves from an uncommon interpretation of the Torah (Hebrew Bible), mandating a life practice that includes natural birth, veganism, and a rigorous emphasis on health and more. Although the community is growing in numbers, recent immersion into the Israeli Army leaves the youth susceptible to outside influences. Ultimately we learn about the desire to preserve the African Hebrew culture, and the challenges of passing their traditions to future generations.